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Immersive Video Recording

The new thing in high-tech video is the 360 spherical camera. These cameras record an immersive video experience, which is sometimes called a spherical video. The recording is of a full panorama of the area the camera is in. That is why it is termed ‘360’, as in 360 degrees of view.

oculus-1Immersive Viewing

People cannot easily view spherical photos, so such a video is also hard to see with our limited angle perception. Therefore, special software must be used to process and display the resulting video in a way that works for human eyes. This is because the video contains every angle of view around the camera.

oculus-riftInteractive Control

The viewer software gives the user interactive control over which desired angle of view is observed. This makes for a very immersive experience that makes it seem like you are there and even feel like you have control over the camera. The viewing of a 360 spherical panorama becomes a virtual reality experience of the real world.


It is only possible to make such seemingly magical interactive videos because of the recent invention of the spherical video camera. Interactive still images in a spherical photo also require a spherical camera. Whether still image or full motion video, production of such videos requires more technical wizardry than just the special cameras.

Virtual Reality

When the spherical photos or videos are experienced through the use of a virtual reality headset, movement can be controlled automatically by input from the built-in inertia sensors. Of course, on desktop or laptop computers, mouse and keyboard input are interpreted the same way.

See More Than Before

These 360 spherical panorama videos contain much more imagery stored in a 360 spherical camera, although the typical display view is in a small 4:3 aspect ratio. This is also true for a spherical photo. This gives the viewer the opportunity to see details that are often missed in traditional limited-angle videos with no spherical gears.


These days a spherical panorama camera is not that rare of a product. A few of the most popular spherical cameras are the: 360fly, Kodak PixPro SP360, and GoPro V.360. For viewing the videos recorded with a spherical camera, Google announced the Cardboard VR viewer in 2014. This makes it easy for anyone to view spherical videos. YouTube also announced 360 video viewing software in 2015. In 2015 Facebook also announced similar capability for their web site.

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